In case you missed it: Drytac’s blogs in 2021

Throughout 2021, Drytac has published a plethora of blogs on wide-ranging topics. We kicked off the year with three guest blogs from HP, Fujifilm and Roland focused on ink chemistry, before moving onto our own antimicrobial films and the science behind them.

Other articles covered graphics applications and their installation and removal, while future trends for floor graphics and seasonal work were also investigated. In August, Dennis LeBlanc, Territory Sales Manager at Drytac questioned whether to laminate or not to laminate, while in September Gareth Newman, Drytac’s Academy Manager, offered his top tips on installing double-sided window graphics.

All of these blogs can be found below, so if you have time over Christmas you might like to expand your knowledge in the ever-growing sector for adhesive print applications.

Capitalising on rising demand for seasonal work

Authored by Shaun Holdom, Global Product Manager at Drytac The holiday season has, and always will be, a hugely important time of the […]

How to use your applications to sell services and products to customers

By Peter Bourgeois, Territory Sales Manager at Drytac. Traditionally, the main focus for print service providers has been to promote their services and […]

Making an impact: How to create double-sided window graphics

Authored by Gareth Newman, Academy Manager, Drytac Window graphics are now regarded by many brands as a key part of the marketing mix. These […]

To laminate or not to laminate? That is the question.

Authored by Dennis LeBlanc, Territory Sales Manager – Eastern Canada, and the Greater Toronto Area at Drytac To laminate or not to laminate? […]

Setting out your stall with countertop graphics

Authored by Shaun Holdom, Global Product Manager When it comes to capturing the attention of – and interacting with – people in today’s […]

How to apply media to bricks for wall and floor graphics

Authored by Gareth Newman, Academy Manager, Drytac Graphics can be incredibly impactful, changing a room – or even a whole building – with [...]

What’s the future for floor graphics?

Authored by Brad Haupt, USA Midwest and Southwest Territory Manager at Drytac. While floor graphics have been a staple part of the industry […]

What goes up must come down

When installing graphics, equal consideration must be given to the clean removal of printed substrates. Authored by Peter Bourgeois, Territory Sales Manager for […]

Flexibility and reliability are critical for antimicrobial films in medical settings

Applications in medical and healthcare environments require antimicrobial films that are both reliable and steadfast. Drytac Protac AMP offers this and much more. […]

How HP Latex ink works

The media that Drytac manufactures is part of a larger solution; before any graphics application can be delivered, it needs to be printed […]

Fast forward to fast food

Drytac explains how products imbued with antimicrobial technology can help fast food outlets protect surfaces from bacteria, fungi and mould in between cleaning. […]

Roland DGA: Types of inks for digital printing

Understanding how print media and ink technology work is key The media that Drytac manufactures is part of a larger solution; before any [...]